Sunday, July 18, 2010

Official receipt

Big thank you for your help

On 5th Jul 2001 I was able to make a first donation of $1,200/- to the Dover Park Hospice from the money collected from the 102pcs of CD sold up to that point of time.
I am truly grateful for the help from the Buddhist Library, my friends: Joyce,Jono, and Wan Ming who has each sold for me or purchased from me no less than 20 pcs of the CDs each. Not to mention the Buddhist Library has also generously donated the amount due to them as my contribution to their organisation as their share of contribution to the Hospice.
Likewise, I am very touched by the generosity of some who have not only purchased my CD but top up with extra donation to help the cause.
As for those who are not buddhists, if you believe in the cause, there is no boundary to compassion. You can still make a "purchase" of the CD and not collect it if you are not comfortable in keeping it. We will give it to someone who would like to have it or needs it on your behalf.
The latest generous act from Dro-Phen Ling and some other devotees there have also up the amount collected from my CD sale close to the target of donating the second $1,000/- soon. So please help and hopefully we will be able to hit the targeted amount of $7,000/- in another 6 months time.
The above is a copy of the official receipt from the Hospice to show proof of my donation. Once again thank you all and please carry on helping